Livestock and Poultry Drugs

Medical research and scientific innovations are evolving and progressing at an unprecedented rate. We want to contribute to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone. Research, development, and production of medicines and vaccines continue to progress toward better adapted, safer and higher quality health solutions for diseases.

Our Partners Scientific research drives innovation at Sarvin Sanat Intl. Our researchers work to push the boundaries of science, broaden our understanding of diseases and develop novel products with significant benefits for patients. We believe the scientific tools to address these needs are within reach.

Veterinary drug
Veterinary drugs

To reach our goals and be the leading company in veterinary drugs for our customers, we want to strengthen our performance in innovation and in Product presentation and integrate sustainability more deeply into our business decisions. The most predictive scientific approaches must be chosen to ensure the safety and effectiveness of new and commercialized drugs and vaccines. We want to strengthen our passion for our customers in all employees. We aim to strengthen our portfolio and further develop our organization to better meet customer needs using the power of our integration. We have defined 6 categories of action areas through which we will sharpen our customer focus.

✓ Antibiotics
✓ Anti-Parasites
✓ Anti-Inflammatories
✓ Vitamins
✓ Minerals
✓ Hormones
✓ others